Whitewater Syndrome


How much do we consciously direct our lives to where we want it to go? How much do we act consciously to manifest the life we want to lead?

The first step to success is to take control of your own life so you can steer it in the proper direction. This entails knowing what you want, and doing the things necessary to achieve it.

Sadly, many of us are suffering of the “whitewater syndrome” (Tony Robbins called it the Niagara syndrome). It is the way some people live, jumping into the river of life without any plan or direction. They merely allow circumstances to direct them, without any effort on their part. They let events make their decisions for them. They let upsets and quick fixes of happiness take over, making their lives a function of avoiding the short term pain brought by self-determination, and going for the short term pleasures offered by distractions. Instead of them dictating where they want to go, they only go with the flow of where the waves take them. They become disempowered.

Know that you can live life differently. You can live your life knowing where you want to go and having the power to actually make it happen. You can ride the river of life, equipped with the proper maps, paddles and oars, so that even if the waves take you somewhere else, you still have the ultimate power of moving yourself in the direction you desire. The power is in your hands, not in the waves of life.

So ask yourself: did you jump in the river if life knowing where you want to go? Are you just coasting along, or are you rowing yourself toward a direction you chose?

-A Garlic Man

 Special thanks to Tony Robbins– one of my major influences.