Young Minds and the Value of Time


A recent article on Philippine news last 11-11-11 was quite interesting.

The news piece reported a move by the Department of Education to standardize all local school times with the Philippine Standard Time (PST) set by the Department of Science and Technology through the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (DOST-PAGASA).

This was done in order to do away with the concept of “Filipino time”- meaning, making being late an acceptable behavior.

This is an excellent piece of news because the value of time is quite important and that this understanding should be impressed upon younger minds as soon as possible.

As previously discussed here, time is a measure of reality. The greater respect for time is one of the causes of influencing reality in a positive manner. Without the respect for time, reality can hardly be changed, if at all.

By teaching the importance of time to our children, we not only improve the efficiency of the school system, but we also bestow a great gift that can be embodied in new habits that can change the children’s’ lives for the long term.

-A Garlic Man–follow-standard-time-not–filipino-time–20111111.html